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Mandatory Algorithms for Coding Interview

Basic algorithms that you must know if you want to crack your coding interview. In case you are starting to prepare for coding practice then make sure you learn all of these important algorightms. Get the source code for basic algorithms in JavaScript here

Application and Service Principal Objects in Azure

Application and Service Principal Objects in Azure

How to improve Reliability in the cloud?

Did you get a phone call from your customer saying they want to improve their application reliability while you move their workload to the cloud? If yes then continue reading this article. I will use Microsoft Azure to explain the Reliability concept and its improvement steps. You can certainly do the same in Google Cloud or Amazon AWS.

Cloud Security Defense In-Depth Azure Approach

In a traditional data center you create one perimeter, secure them by installing firewall, WAF, SIEMS etc. and have 100% confidence that the data center is secure. However, when you migrate to cloud then your VPC or Virtual Network is not 100% secure you have to not only secure your perimeter however, inside of perimeter you have to take care of security. Since it’s a public cloud you have to be

Cost Optimization with Amazon EC2 Spot Instances

Creating cost optimized highly scalable cloud architecture is challenging but it is possible! Using Spot Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances you can save up to 90% of on-demand pricing. In this article you will learn what spot instances and what should be your strategy to use spot instances. Additionally, I will give you scenarios where most of the customers are using spot instance

How to Maintain Well-Architected-Framework on Cloud

How to make sure our workload in the cloud is secure, reliable. How to monitor the cost of your cloud resources consumption? Is there any automation you can do to remind you of your cloud budget expenses, future expected cost? Is there any on-click quick fix to terminate underutilized virtual machines. Well the answer to all of these questions is Microsoft Azure Advisor. Yes, you guessed it I will

Introduction to CAP Theorem

Are you planning to design your next advanced distributed architecture? Make sure you are aware of the concepts such as high availability, consistency and partition tolerance. The CAP theorem states that a distributed system cannot simultaneously be consistent, available, and partition tolerant. CAP Theorem is very important in the Distributed systems, Microservices architecture, Big Data world, e

Introduction to Point of Presence and Network Access Point

Point of presence is a fundamental block of the telecommunication domain. You must be aware of this concept. If you want to system design for video content delivery like YouTube, Netflix or Hotstar.com then you must learn what is PoP and how this helps to propagate massive amounts of content across the globe with faster performance and lower latency.

Mandatory JavaScript Knowledge for Coding Interview

Are you attempting coding interview challenges in Javascript? Then make sure you learn below mandatory JavaScriipt apis and utilities.

What is EBIT and EBITDA in Finance?

EBITDA and EBIT is a very fundamental financial term that is nowadays mostly considered during the cloud adoption phase for IT companies. If your company is planning to migrate to cloud and you are going to present a finance key performance index to your CFO then make sure you learn these concepts.

Introduction of Managed Identities

Do you have situations where a process is trying to use your virtual machine in the cloud and you want to protect and control the access? Do you want to use cosmos db using your server layer deployed over azure cloud without managing your own identity and passwords? Use Microsoft Managed Identity. In this article I will describe Managed Identities concepts.

What is Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets

Now a days distributed architecture is common. We deploy our services into many different servers to scale them up and meet our demand. However, managing all servers for load-balancing, scaling, make application highly available is super challenging on cloud. Azure Virtual Machine Scale sets is the great tool which does all of these automatically with no extra cost for you. Lets learn more about S

Azure Active Directory Authentication Basics

Azure Active Directory (AD) verifies the credentials that are username and password. It belongs to the Azure Identity Platform.

Create Update and Delete Tags on Azure Resource

Learn more about how to use tags to organize your Azure resources and management hierarchy. Also learn the cmdlet used to fetch tags from Azure resources.

Introduction to MSAL

If you have any project that you want to integrate with Azure Active Directory and secure your app. Then you must try using Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL). Yes, in this article I will introduce you to MSAL 🔥.

Site Recovery Strategy in Azure

Learn the failover and failback stages in Site Recovery on Azure. Learn Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) strategy in Azure.

On-Premises Disaster Site Recovery Strategy with Azure VM

Site Recovery is very critical now a days. In your own Data-center or Server disasters can happen and you must secure your site to recover from them. Use Microsoft Azure to secure you on-premises machine today. Learn the failover and failback stages in Site Recovery on Azure. Learn Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) strategy in Azure.

Azure Active Directory Basics

Securing your workload and datacenter over the cloud is very challenging. You want your resources to be protected by both machines and users. Azure Active directory helps you to achieve single sign on and provides you centralize identity and access management across your subscriptions. Let’s learn more basic concepts about Azure Active Directory in this article.

Where to Store Application Data in Azure

Data is very essential and now a days data is everything. So you have application in cloud and want to explore which type of data where to store in Azure. Read this article to learn which Azure store is best for you.

Azure solution for big-data transfer

Are you planning to migrate your on-premise data to the cloud using Azure data transfer solutions?

What to use to Run applications in Azure

Learn what service from Azure you should use while creating your application in Azure. This article has quick short answer for when to use what in Azure service? Get free e-book on Design Distributed Systems. It is difficult to compare options available in Azure. The comparison with the features of the options provides you tools to choose the right service with your requirements.

Virtualization Basics with VMware

Virtualization is the single concept that now-a-days cloud service providers are using at massive scale and delivering IT technologies such as storage, compute, networking, database, analysis and much more as a service via internet and on-demand basis as pay-as-you-go pricing model. Therefore, it is very important that you must understand what is virtualization.

Cloud Security Best Practices for application, servers and network

According to Statista.com As of 2021, around 50 percent of all corporate data is stored in the cloud. This share reached 30 percent in 2015 and has continued to grow as companies increasingly shift their resources into cloud environments in the hope of improving security and reliability next to advancing business agility. Therefore, securing your data center, your deployed workloads and your arch

Azure Network Watcher Basics

Azure Network Watcher is a monitoring service with lots of other important services for network. Most network diagnostics issues can be detected and analyzed with Azure Network Watcher. Learn everything about Network Watcher in this article.

Cloud Solution Architect Technical Interview Questions

Are you willing to become cloud solution architect? I am going to add a few important technical questions that you must know for your next cloud solution architect interview. My answers would not be perfect so feel free to search for better answers. Important part from this article is what kind of technical questions you should know to become a good cloud solution architect. So focus on the questi

Getting Started with Monorepo with Nx Nrwl

Do you have a lot of JavaScript projects using GitHub repositories? How are you managing dependencies among those projects? Developers might be struggling to manage a large set of GitHub repositories and Business might be spending a lot of money to manage them. The potential solution to this problem is Monorepo. You can put all of your JavaScript projects regardless of framework (angular, vue.js,

Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption Basics

Why do you care about encryption strategies? Well if you are planning to become system administrator or solution architect then you must know how you would secure your applications deployed on-premise or cloud.  Also remember this question is asked in most of the solution architect interviews.

Azure Service Endpoint Overview and Configuration

Did you know By default azure storage accounts are accessible by the public internet. How can u restrict all public traffic in to your azure storage account and only allow your VNet resources to connect it. Lets learn the same in this article.

Learn how to secure your Network

If you want to become Cloud Security Architect you must have basics of Networking. This article will discuss all fundamental concepts of networking. Learn about 6 security domains, understand the security is multi-pronged approach.

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