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JavaScript Interview Questions

Everything you need to know about JavaScript to crack your next JavaScript Interview. Learn what is scope, hoisting, closure and much more concepts in JavaScript.

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What you will learn

  • JavaScript Interview Questions

Course Content

6 sections • 14 lectures • 01h 45m total length
Introduction to Scope

JavaScript has two scopes – global and functional. Anything inside the function has function scope. Outside the function anything declared is global scope. Watch this video to learn!

Example of Scope

Javascript scope explanation with some concrete examples. 


Summarizing scope in JavaScript.

Introduction to Closure Principle

JavaScript closure principle is the most important interview question asked for software engineering. Watch this video to learn what closure is in JavaScript.

Example of Closure in JavaScript

Javascript closure explanation with some concrete examples.

Introduction to Hoisting

Hoisting principle in JavaScript is asked most frequently in Interview Questions. Don't miss this video.

Hoisting Summary

Continuation of previous video summarizing hoisting.

Introduction to `this` concept

Javascript has “this” keyword which behaves differently from other programming languages. Most frequently asked question explains this keyword behavior in JavaScript.

Apply vs Call in Javascript

Learn how you can call the same method in different contexts in JavaScript. Using apply and call methods in JavaScript you can change the calling context of a method.


Continuation of previous video.

Introduction to Module Pattern

In this video how many types of patterns are there to create objects. Like regular class, Module pattern and prototype pattern. I will show you how you can create a class with private functions. However, why module pattern is helpful for creating singleton objects in JavaScript.

Creating Logger using Module Pattern

In this video I will teach you how to create private functions in JavaScript class. Next I will explain how module patterns can help you also to have private functions and can create a singleton object.

How to create App using Module Pattern

In this video I will teach how to create an object using a module pattern? How do you organize all of your objects which are created by module pattern? How to make sure developers are not calling functions again to create objects.

Introduction to Prototype pattern

In this video I will teach you what a Prototype Pattern is. When do you need it? How to create a class using Prototype Pattern?



  • Basic knowledge of JavaScript


In this series of videos you will learn important JavaScript concepts. I am going to explain them and give one practical example for each concept. Scope, Closure, Hoisting, this keyword, call, apply, bind and many more. In your JavaScript interview you must at least know these 9 major important JavaScript Questions. So please watch this course in order to prepare yourself for next interview.

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About the Instructor

About the Instructor

Hi! My name is Rupesh Tiwari. 

I am a software architect and pluralsight author. My life's mission is to help students, beginners and professionals to increase their programming & system design skills. By just not making them a coding expert rather than teaching them the real Software Engineering Principles. Hence they get their dream job, make more money and ultimately they live a better life.

I have 15+ years of corporate IT world experience. I do software analysis, modeling and coding in my day to day activity with big IT industries. I teach people how to design software and code and make them full stack developers. I've created 1 course in pluralsight on Unit Testing RxJS using Marble Diagrams. Also authored many courses on YouTube Now I am focusing more on creating premium quality JavaScript courses on Fullstack Master.