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27th January 2021

Publish Code Coverage task Publishes Cobertura or JaCoCo code coverage results from your build. Azure DevOps provides us with the ability to show an overview of the code coverage of our application’s unit tests. To do so, just like publishing the test results in a specific format, we’ll need to publish the code coverage results in a supported format. Currently, Azure DevOps supports both C

21st January 2021

In this article I will explain how to know which applications or libraries are changed in your nx monorepo workspace.First time building Nx MonorepoFirst Time if you get the source from repo to your local machine and runnpm run affected:buildNotice all of the applications and library projects will build.Once the build is done Nx will remember which projects are compiled successfully.Next change th

21st January 2021

If you are working on nx monorepo workspace and if you have notice below error then read this article.Error: A project without tags cannot depend on any libraries (nx-enforce-module-boundaries)How dependency graph works in Nx MonorepoNx will create an inventory of project tags.Next Nx will compare all of the enforcement rules defined inside the tslint.json file.If Nx could not find any rule agains

20th January 2021

 Protecting Master Branch from Bad Pull Requests is big challenge now a days while working in a team. You are working on git with distributed architecture where many team members are creating pull request and adding their code to MASTER/MAIN branch.It is important to protect our master branch such that if some wrong code or failing build code or failing test code is pushed by some team member. T

16th January 2021

Did you build your Angular front-end app and want to deploy it over the cloud for FREE with less effort?Did you want to show your own learning side application to the world and surprise them ? Then this article is for you.I will explain and show you how to deploy an Angular Application over the GitHub using GitHub-Pages Node Package.Checkout the app that I deployed to gh-pages https://rupeshti