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Express JS: Getting Started

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Express JS: Getting Started

Learn Express Fundamentals and also write an application from scratch using typescript and express.

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What you will learn

  • node.js
  • express.js
  • TypeScript

Course Content

4 sections • 10 lectures • 01h 44m total length
Introduction to ExpressJS

Learn what does express.js mean why it is so useful in MEAN.js stack. A very basic tutorial getting started with ExpressJS

Running Server Using Express.js

How to run a server using express.js and typescript explanations.

Building Blocks of Express JS

Learn what are the components of express js like middleware, controllers etc.

Introduction To Web API

I will teach you how to create web api using express js

Http Post Example For Add User

Learn how to set up one Http Post REST api to add users to the server.

Express Server Example

You will learn how to run express.js server using typescript.

Compile Express JS code using Typescript

You will learn how to add npm scripts for express.js compile and run using typescript. 

Creating Sample App

Learn how to setup/create a simple express js server using typescript and webpack. I will walk-through npm scripts to build express js code in watch mode and spawn up a quick local server using express js.

Creating REST API in Server

You will learn how to create an endpoint using express js and node.js. I will teach you what is bodyparser use in express.js. Next I will teach you with a live demo of how to make an Http post request to express js web api using jQuery. 

Making Http Post to Add User

You will learn how to make http post calls from jquery to express js endpoint rest api. I will show you each step in debug mode in this demo.



  • Working knowledge of JavaScript


In this series of videos you will learn what is express.js why it is important in node.js web programming. This is an introduction to express js. Learn the basics of express and fundamental components of express. You will do live coding and see simple server creation with express. ExpressJS is the "E" part of MEAN.JS stack. I will show you how you can start your local http server and make http GET POST using jQuery. You will also learn how to write express.js server code using typescript. I will teach you how to create npm script for compiling typescript for your express.js code. Finally I will demonstrate you a working project where we will write together express.js server coding using client applications made with html, css, bootstrap, javascript and jQuery.

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About the Instructor

About the Instructor

Hi! My name is Rupesh Tiwari. 

I am a software architect and pluralsight author. My life's mission is to help students, beginners and professionals to increase their programming & system design skills. By just not making them a coding expert rather than teaching them the real Software Engineering Principles. Hence they get their dream job, make more money and ultimately they live a better life.

I have 15+ years of corporate IT world experience. I do software analysis, modeling and coding in my day to day activity with big IT industries. I teach people how to design software and code and make them full stack developers. I've created 1 course in pluralsight on Unit Testing RxJS using Marble Diagrams. Also authored many courses on YouTube Now I am focusing more on creating premium quality JavaScript courses on Fullstack Master.