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Create JavaScript App from Scratch and Deploy to Cloud (Heroku)

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Create JavaScript App from Scratch and Deploy to Cloud (Heroku)

Learn how to create a JavaScript app using HTML, JavaScript and node.js, and webpack & deploy to cloud using Heroku. Source Code is also included.

  • 5 Rating
  • (1 Reviews)
  • 3 User Enrolled
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What you will learn

  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • jQuery
  • Webpack
  • NodeJS
  • Heroku ( Cloud Technology )

Course Content

7 sections • 11 lectures • 02h 40m total length
Introduction of Course

This course is written in JavaScript. If you want to write any JavaScript project from scratch and deploy it to the cloud. If you want to master an event-driven design-pattern which is vastly used in Domain-Driven Design and Service Oriented Architecture. Then consider enrolling in this course.

Local Environment Setup

In this video you will learn how to deploy and install node.js in your local machine. Download url for node.js https://nodejs.org/en/download/. We will use git-hub as our source control. Therefore, I will install git in my machine. Git is very much popular. It is a good idea to know how to use git. In this course I will use visual studio code for coding. Therefore, let's install vs code from https://code.visualstudio.com/download url. If you already have vscode then you can skip this video.

What is Autonomous Component

If you want to solve a business problem in your software. You must understand the problem domain first. Next you should try to break the problem into small-small problems. For each small unit problem find out a solution and write a single function to solve a very small business problem. Hence finally you can solve the entire business problem with a bunch of functions which are called as autonomous components. In this section you will learn how you can write Autonomous Components and What are ES6 Barrels why and how can you use them. Learn What is the definition of Autonomous Component and why you should create an autonomous component.

Introduction to ES6 Barrel

In ES6 JavaScript  you can combine many modules into a single combined conceptual module. The process of doing this is called a Barrel. In this video you will learn how to create barrel files which we will use in further sections. 

User Registration Form Validation Explanation

In this section you will learn what is the business requirement for our registration form and also we will do coding to enable or disable the registration submit form. In this video I will explain to you what the business requirement for registration form validation is.

Enable Disable Button After Registration Form Validation

In this video you will write code with me how we can enable and disable the button. Also we will create our first javascript autonomous component.

Why is the Alert Module is Required?

This video will teach you why we need an alert module. You will learn how we can create a separate ES6 barrel to create a new module. Also you will learn the separation of concerns. In this section you will learn how to show alerts and notifications. When we delete contact then we want to show notification. Similarly when we add contact then we want to show notification. So in this section we will build the alerts and notification module to achieve this.

Creating Alerts Module

We want to show alert when validation is failing or passing. In this video we will do coding together and create an alert module. 

Adding User

In this section you will learn what is the requirement for add and delete users. Also we will write a program to achieve this behavior in our app. In this video you will write code with me to add a user use case.

Deleting User

We should be able to delete users. In this video you will write code with me to delete users.

Deploying Web Application to Cloud

In this section we will deploy our code to cloud. Nowadays most of the companies are looking for developers with Heroku experience. Because they upload their apps on the cloud and reduce the maintenance cost. Therefore, it is a good idea to learn what heroku platform is and how to deploy apps to heroku.



  • You should have a basic understanding of below languages: JavaScript HTML & CSS.


Create your own JavaScript event-driven app from scratch using jQuery, JavaScript, and HTML and learn how to deploy your application over cloud using HEROKU. 

In this course, you will create a JavaScript app from scratch. In this app, we will create a user registration form. Where you can enter user details and display in the UI. You will also learn how to delete a user from the list. We will use node.js and webpack to compile our ES6 JS. You will write code with me and together we will deploy the code over cloud Heroku as well. The event-driven architecture is followed throughout this course.

Introduction video: Creating JavaScript Event Driven Web Application From Scratch


Live Demo: Creating JavaScript Event Driven Web Application From Scratch

This is the web application that you will create in this course. User Registration web application is hosted on Heroku and CI & CD is done via Github to heroku directly. 

Technology stack

  • HTML-5

  • JavaScript

  • jQuery 

  • Node.JS

  • Webpack

Tools and software

  • VS Code

  • Git

  • Webpack 

  • Node.js

  • express

What will you learn in this course?

This course is more focused on the below things. 

  • Distilling problem domain

  • Breaking the big problem into small problems

  • Writing an Autonomous Component in JavaScript

  • Writing event-driven architecture style code in JavaScript

  • Learn ES6 features while we do programming

  • Deploying code to cloud and preparing for cloud deployment

Who should take this course?

  • A starter who has basic JavaScript knowledge

  • A software developer who wants to improve JavaScript skills

Why should you enroll in this course?

Nowadays JavaScript is used for back-end and front-end development. All Big-4 companies as well as mid-level companies are looking for JavaScript developers. Therefore, if you want to excel in JavaScript and want to make your career in JavaScript. Then this course will give you great insight and best practices while we write production JavaScript code. 

If you are already a developer then you should definitely enroll in this course in order to learn what autonomous components are and how to organize projects and how you can deploy your code to the cloud. These are top requirements that companies are looking for so it is a good idea to have this knowledge and skill sets. You will learn the event-driven architecture style which is vastly used in microservices architecture and enterprise service bus kind of projects. So it is a great course for you to get yourself ready for your next ngrx, angular, or any event-driven architecture style projects. 

If you are a student or person who wants to start programming on JavaScript then also this course is helpful to you. So that you will get full hands-on coding experience for writing JavaScript apps from scratch and deploy to cloud. This will give you a great boost to your carrier.


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About the Instructor

About the Instructor

Hi! My name is Rupesh Tiwari. 

I am a software architect and pluralsight author. My life's mission is to help students, beginners and professionals to increase their programming & system design skills. By just not making them a coding expert rather than teaching them the real Software Engineering Principles. Hence they get their dream job, make more money and ultimately they live a better life.

I have 15+ years of corporate IT world experience. I do software analysis, modeling and coding in my day to day activity with big IT industries. I teach people how to design software and code and make them full stack developers. I've created 1 course in pluralsight on Unit Testing RxJS using Marble Diagrams. Also authored many courses on YouTube Now I am focusing more on creating premium quality JavaScript courses on Fullstack Master.

Student Feedback

Course Rating

Torrance Lueilwitz

I enrolled in this course and I could create my first JavaScript application from scratch. Thanks a lot Rupesh for creating this course. I loved the way Rupesh is explaining the concepts. I have finished my JavaScript web application completely and will soon upload this app on cloud too. Very excited! I recommend everyone to enroll in this course. You will learn ES6, and you will also learn how to validate forms before submitting using vanilla JavaScript.